Terms & Conditions


1. Any additions or alterations to the pre-agreed & booked schedule i.e. waiting time, additional pickups & drop offs etc, will be chargeable at £35.00 per 30 minutes & can only be accommodated subject to the availability of vehicle {s} over & above booked times.

2. All accidental damage will be chargeable to customers via a cash / Credit / Debit card payment made to the company for replacement of damaged items subject to duty managers discretion. All card payments will be taken within the following 24 hours of hire.

3. A cleaning charge for any unreasonable amount of litter or sickness in the vehicle will be chargeable to customers via a cash payment to be paid to the chauffeur. {Charges for above will be from £75.00 up to £150.00 subject to duty managers discretion}.

4. Traffic related delays or vehicle break downs will not justify a discount on price of hire as the booked journey will still be completed with resources available at the time.

5. All drink, balloons, ribbons provided are complimentary.

6. We have a no smoking policy in all of our vehicles.

7. We have a no food policy in all of our vehicles.

8. Any wilful or malicious damage will be reported to the police and charges for criminal damages will be made.

9. The customer who has made the booking will be totally responsible for all aspects of the vehicle hire & their guests.

10. There will be a £50 deposit required to secure your booking. All bookings are considered to be binding at the time they are confirmed. All deposits are non-refundable.

11. Balances due are payable at the time and place of the first pick up via cash only. Alternatively, you may pay the balance by mailing a cheque, allowing enough time (minimum of 7 days) for the cheque to be cleared to ensure funds are deposited in our account prior to the date of the booking. Personal or business cheques or drafts of foreign currency are not acceptable as final payment on the day of the booking unless prior consent by a manager from Astro Limousines has been given.

12. Astro Limousines make every effort to be at the pick up point(s) at the time(s) agreed. There may be occasions, however, when exceptional road traffic conditions, beyond our control, may cause unexpected delays. Reasonably, therefore, we include in our schedule(s) a period of up to 30 minutes grace. In the event of a grace period being invoked (whole or part) the time adjusted time(s) will be made up during or after the period of hire, schedules permitting.

13. Whilst Astro Limousines take every care to keep safe customers' belongings, we cannot, however, under any circumstances take any responsibility for property lost, left or assumed left inside the vehicle(s). The customer and his/her guests are strongly advised to check and ensure that they remove all personal property from the vehicle(s) when they leave the vehicle at the end of the booking period. In the event of any property being found inside the vehicle, the customer's responsibility is to recover the said property from our depot, and any cost(s) he/she may incur in the process is at the customer's own expense.

14. Where a vehicle is retained to collect the customer from an incoming flight, particularly inbound international flight(s), the customer is required to telephone Astro Limousines before leaving the departure airport to re-confirm the pick-up requirements and to obtain the relevant chauffeur's mobile/cell phone number. Upon arrival at the UK airport, and having cleared customs, the customer will need to call the chauffeur's mobile/cell phone so he/she may make his/her way from the holding parking area on the airport periphery. Astro Limousines will not be liable for any delays or inconvenience, however caused, if the above procedures are not followed and acted upon. All airport transfers include a waiting time of 30 minutes from the time of pick up at the arrival point in the airport terminal. Any additional waiting time will be subject to a percentage surcharge of the total booking cost.

15. Any & all complaints should be addressed to head office in writing. A response will be made within five working days.


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